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SUBJECT: "Ultimate Buy/Sell Secret" - 200 pips every 24 hours FX Software (NEW from K. Dittmann)

Dear {!firstname_fix}

I just launched my brand new Forex software that is in my opinion
is the most successful, convenient and profitable all in one tool
with unique DOUBLE buy/sell arrows system, trend indicator, text informer, alerts etc:
"Ultimate Buy Sell Secret"

Ultimate Buy Sell Secret  is a complete package that
will show you where to enter a trade, where to
exit and where to put a smart stop loss.
You don't need to study anything -
everything will be automatically
printed "in easy language" on your chart!
All info and screenshots - HERE
(buy/sell arrows, trend prediction, text informer, alerts etc)

This software provides only highly profitable
signals! This newest project that took me
a long long time to develop..
This new advanced 5 in 1 buy/sell arrows
software compatible of consistently generating 1000+ pips
each week, if correctly used, it can easily
pull in 200 pips every 24 hours with on
1 hour work a day - You have never seen something like that..
{!firstname_fix}, let me know if you need anything - I will help you - promise!
"Ultimate Buy Sell Secret"

Warm regards

MAY 13th

Email should be send May 13th, 2013 not earlier than 10:15 EST

SUBJECT: "Ultimate Buy/Sell Secret" LIVE May 13th 1H Screenshot - all winners!

Dear Traders

The new Ultimate Buy Sell Secret keeps producing over 150 pips
every day on just a single pair (if used correctly)

I received many emails asking for more screenshots
of the "Ultimate Buy Sell Secret" software especially
on 1H timeframe - today's live signals.

I just added a new 1H EUR/USD screenshot to the index page
You should see this profit and the super profitable winning signals!

Never before seen winning signals only - every time time you
use the "Ultimate Buy Sell Secret"!

In my opinion, it's simply the most profitable day trading tool - give
it a risk free try http://www.ultimatebuysellsecret.net/index.html
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Ultimate BuySell Secret - Last Chance and Results

Dear {!firstname_fix},
The Ultimate Buy Sell Secret has and continues to produce the very best
profitable and extremely precise safe signals.
It is a highly innovative FX tool that predicts all new price
movements with a never seen before accuracy.
All screenshots are here

I just wanted to let you know that the special launch price offer
for http://www.ultimatebuysellsecret.net is almost over...
This is your very last chance to get it! The door is closing on
your opportunity to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

A lot of  testimonials has been received since a product launched!
Here are some of them from happy members- PLEASE READ..
This could be you!...don't loose
your golden chance!

Alex N--- <alexna---@gmail.com>
 I have the software up and running and already made a decent profit
and its only day one! More than doubled the cost of what I paid for it! :D
So far very happy with this.--- Regards Alex
John Br--- <jabs---@gmail.com>
Thanks so much for your indicator. I had applied it to one chart (copy attached)
and enjoyed a net profit of 50 pips. Closed trade because it was my bedtime!
White vertical line is the beginning of my new day. Red vertical line is a 3-positive
short indication...---Amazing and perfection to say the least. John Br---Nevada   USA
Peter M--- <peter.m---@gmail.com>-
OK, finished the trade... 90 pips.  Thank you.  Getting more confident
in you BuySell Arrows. Best regards, Peter